Manufacturing Process

Our production process starts by strictly selecting the best that nature and technology have to offer. 100% of the materials used in the creation of diamastone® Quartz Surfaces are selected with an eye toward quality so that the finished product can sustain the high level of luxury and clarity that is expected from every material that we manufacture.

diamastone® Quartz Surfaces are produced by “Compaction by Vibrocompression Under Vacuum”, a new and advanced technology in the field of manufacturing compound stones. The formation of slabs is performed on modern equipment systems with high automation levels, each stage is closely monitored by the quality control staff, including:

  • Raw materials are checked, automatically quantified by pre-calculated batching formula and loaded into the mixing system.
  • The mixing system will homogenize all raw materials before transferring them to molds.
  • After mixing, materials are spread into molds with different sizes as required. Maximum size is 3340 x 1650mm (65 x 130 inches).
  • After automatically calibrating the mass of the slab, the molds are then transferred into the vibrocompression machine where the process of vibrating and compressing materials under vacuum is implemented under 100-tons pressure and forming a slab of absolute compaction.
  • Slabs formed after the vibrating and compressing process are transferred into the kiln, to promote the chemical bonds to react 100%.
  • After curing and keeping at the normal condition for 24 hours, the slab will be transferred to the finishing line in order to create a perfect product as expected.
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