Stone Marketing & Design Services Inc.

Stone Marketing & Design Services Inc. (SMDS) has consolidated an undisputed leadership in composite stone sector thanks to conspicuous investments in product development, state of the art technology and exhaustive market research.

With over twenty years of dedication, SMDS Inc. has forged its mark with high standards, innovative systems, and professional service to the marketplace. This has earned SMDS Inc. a worldwide reputation for expertise and a progressive position in the dimensional stone industry.

Intense internal research and development activity has been vital in helping SMDS Inc. to establish its international posture. Working with our global partners, production departments and state of the art research and development centers, has not only provided responses to market demands but has also helped to anticipate them. In an effort to combine science with practical requirements, we are in constant contact with external laboratories, testing centers in many countries, as well as many University Faculties.

SMDS Inc. is a full-service, wholesale commercial stone supplier, emphasizing the highest level of services and superior quality products. SMDS Inc. has strong partnerships with quarries and factories in Brazil, China, India, Spain, Italy and Turkey. This provides direct access to stones from every corner of the world. Our ability to supply includes, but is not limited to Engineered Quartz, Natural Marbles, Granites, Limestone, Sandstones as well as many semi-precious materials.

At the heart of SMDS’s success is the human organizational resources which form the foundation and capacity of excellent customer service. Every member of the SMDS Inc. team is trained and committed to exceeding customer expectations. Daily, our team-focused sales consultants assist design professionals with stone selections, customizing options, material specifications, application requirements, installation recommendations and preventative maintenance procedures.

This service combined with timely delivery, professional project management services, and after-sale consultations, solidifies our commitment to the industry. Today and tomorrow SMDS Inc. is focused on achieving constant and consolidated growth by exceeding expectations.

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