Floors, just like wall coverings, are not mere solid surfaces: they are a part of the language of architecture. The material, style and colour of the floor are an integral part of a project’s overall design.

Originally, Stone Italiana’s line of products were developed to be used as flooring and wall cladding surfaces designed to overtake natural stone. Since then, millions of square metres of surfacing materials manufactured by Stone Italiana have been installed worldwide.

Since 1979, Stone Italiana has being supplying customers in Italy and around the world with the very best quality in the industry, thereby strengthening its reliability as a supplier of highly durable flooring and wall covering materials. Its surfaces are chosen for their remarkable durability, consistency and excellent physical and mechanical properties, but also for the aesthetic values that are conveyed by their colour and texture. In addition to its standard range, Stone Italiana offers a variety of different and exclusive shades, mixture combinations and formats.

Stone Italiana has always worked in close co-operation with architects and interior designers to help them develop an identity for each project.

Stone Italiana floor and wall tiles are supplied ready for installation.

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