Specifiers of diamastone® Quartz Surfaces can qualify for several different credits in the LEED programme.

Recycled Content

  • Engineered quartz can incorporate recycled products such as glass, mirror, seashells, granite chips thereby can be considered post consumer and post industrial recycled material
  • Post-consumer recycled content – 20% in quartz products containing glass, mirror, seashells, granite chips
  • Some colors contain 78% granite chips and so are considered post industrial

Manufacturing Process

  • Quartz is recyclable when its current use is no longer required. Our factories respect the environment in all phases of the manufacturing process. The water used for the production phases is filtered and re-cycled. All dust particles in the air are fully filtered in a controlled environment in our factories
  • The wastage from the different production processes is re-used. Slurry produced is sent to specialized companies that use it to produce cement therefore reused. The cut-offs resulting from the cutting of the slabs into tiles can be crushed and used as a bed for industrial floorings and roads

End of Life

  • Quartz is an abundant natural resource throughout the world and can be extracted without undue impact on the environment
  • Quartz is extremely durable, one of the hardest materials in the world, ranking fourth behind the diamond therefore hard wearing nature
  • Quartz has high compressive strength
  • Quartz products have a long life cycle- will perform and sustain beyond the life of the building

Low Environmental Impact

  • Quartz is low maintenance and does not require harsh stripping chemicals or waxes
  • Does not require the use of toxic or high-VOC finishes and cleaning products to maintain cleanliness and surface finish. A neutral detergent and warm water is all that is required. Neutral detergents are readily biodegradable
  • Quartz has very low water absorption. Non porous surface will inhibit the growth of microbes, mold and mildew therefore environmentally friendly
  • Quartz has antibacterial properties therefore suitable for hospital surfaces such as laboratories
  • Tiles are available in large format, reducing the number of grout joints and provides fewer opportunities for bacteria growth
  • Product is fully cured prior to installation and is delivered ready to install. Does not need a flush out period or special maintenance procedures before building occupation.
  • There are no emissions released after installation
  • An MSDS sheet indicates 0 hazard rating. None of the ingredients in our products are considered hazardous materials according to OSHA
  • CLASS 1 fire rated ; heat resistant


  • Quartz holds up to the sustained traffic, spills, intensive cleaning
  • Quartz is stain resistant and scratch resistant
  • High slip resistance – .7 dry
  • Moderately priced
  • Unlimited attractive colors
  • Can be used in all interior areas including lobbies, restaurants, and bathrooms. Suitable for floors, walls, window sills, countertops, vanities, stairs, table tops, fountains, just to name a few.

diamastone® – LEED POINTS

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED recognizes performance in five key areas of human environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environment quality.

LEED points available when using diamastone®

3. MRc5.1 – Regional Materials, 20% manufactured regionally

  • diamastone® countertops are fabricated by local fabricators
    within 500 miles of a project.

1 point

4. EQc4.1– Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives and Sealants

  • Engineered quartz does not contain VOC’s
  • Adhesives and sealants recommended have low VOC emissions

1 point

5. EQ4.3– Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Engineered quartz does not contain VOC’s
  • Low VOC emitting materials: tiles and slabs for floors and wall cladding

1 point

1. MR 3.1 – Materials and Resources

  • Re-use of materials for different uses such as road beds or for sub bases
  • Re-use materials for mosaics

1 point

2. MRc4.1 – Recycled Content: 10% (Post-consumer + ½ pre consumer)

  • diamastone® quartz surfaces incorporate recycled products such as glass, mirror, seashells, granite chippings
  • 20% in quartz products containing glass or mirror

1 point

Industrial Standards

Responsibility to the environment, community and society

At SMDS, care about the environment and the community tops our agenda. Our staff is trained and maintained in the understanding of a greener environment for the future.

Our factory has been certified with ISO 14001:2004. Our factory regularly checks and continuously improves the environmental management systems to meet the increasingly more stringent requirements of environmental standards.

Ensure health and safety for customers

diamastone® Quartz Surfaces have been tested and granted with international certificates such as NSF, GREENGUARD, and have been shown to be Microbial Resistant confirming that our products ensure safety for our communities’ health and our environment.

diamastone® Quartz Surfaces are non-porous and resistant to mold and bacteria growth thanks to its main ingredient of natural quartz.

Our products meet GREENGUARD standards, which ensure that our surfaces do not release harmful elements into the indoor air environment.

Thus, diamastone® Quartz Surfaces is perfectly suitable for all applications in restaurants and hotels. Likewise, they are an ideal choice for a healthy environment for schools, laboratories and hospitals.

Safety for worker’s health

Our factory commits to ensuring the highest level of safety and health for its workers and constantly improves the overall workplace experience.

In addition to ISO 14001:2004, our factory is also applying the standards of SA8000:2008 -A system of standards and social accountability which is established and supervised by Social Accountability International (SAI) for purpose of ensuring and improving the working conditions for employees.

International Quality Assurance

Our factory gives a great priority to ensuring our product quality; is aware of our customer’s needs and shares our customers’ visions toward new and exciting design trends.

Environmental Policy

Our factory places environmental protection on the top of its priorities in the production and business processes.

Certified with ISO 14001:2004, all activities are tightly controlled by its environmental policies.

Our factory always provides sufficient resources to ensure an environmental management system to be compliant with ISO 14001:2004. This is periodically checked and continuously improved, together with in-house training and verification to ensure that staff is aware of and willingly follows the contents of our environmental policies.

diamastone® Quartz Surfaces have been tested and granted with international certificates such as NSF, GREENGUARD, and proved to be Microbial Resistant by the world’s reputable organizations. This confirms that SMDS’ products are safe to the environment, capable of preventing the growth of mold, having an anti-bacterial characteristic, thus completely safe for the environment, food and health of our users.

In efforts to protect and conserve the environment, our factory has been developing its eco-product lines, optimally using recycled materials, developing stone production technology using environmentally-friendly bio-resin polymer.

We commit to minimizing environmental pollution by recycling waste from our production process and utilizing a closed water recycle system with the most advanced technology.

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