A Laboratory of New Quartz Colors

diamastone®’s research lab is a real experience for those who visit it. Upon entering, you will immediately realize that the magic palette of this highly advanced surfacing material is the result of countless experiences and holds endless surprises.

All the different colour hues are carefully selected by Roberto Dalla Valle, who developed a passion for colours in his early years as an entrepreneur in the printing industry and then successfully transferred that passion into the quartz industry.

With its infinite variety of textures and colour tones, this laboratory will remind you of a Mediterranean souk, brimming with spices and shining goods, or of a goldsmith shop, where every single item is the result of accurate research, to give each creation an original texture and unprecedented depth.

diamastone®” quartz- or marble-based surfaces offer endless chromatic solutions and contain inserts designed to enhance the raw material and make it more refined and precious, as well as technically complete.

Although this Company has a highly sophisticated technical structure, it still retains the magic of an artisan workshop, thanks to its natural inclination towards research.

Many world-famous architects have taken advantage of the endless colour possibilities offered by diamastone® to create custom projects, each with an original design and identity.

This has led to the production of special colours for big multinational corporations, but also custom elements designed to make a corporate project unique.

This thriving climate of research and innovation is continuously stimulated by the ideas and contributions of architects and designers, making ours an ideal laboratory for a product that does not exist yet.

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