diamastone® – More Than Just a Quartz Countertop Manufacturer

diamastone® is a premier quartz manufacturer, located in Toronto, Canada.

Our complete line of engineered quartz products come in a huge variety of colors, textures and compositions. The diversity in our product line satisfies even the most discerning customers, who are able to find what they’re looking for because of the multitude of choices available to them.

Our product line includes quartz sinks, quartz slabs, quartz tiles and quartz countertops. Our surfaces are also used for wall claddings and bathroom vanities. They receive wide praise for their beautiful and creative finishes and supreme durability, resistance to scratching, chipping and denting, along with total resistance to extreme heat.

We welcome you to call diamastone® today with any additional questions that you might have at 1-800-361-3194. We’re here to serve you.

Contact Us

Stone Marketing & Design Service Inc.<br/> T: 905 264-9242 F: 905 264-1982<br/> TOLL FREE 1-833-361-3194<br/> info@smds.net<br/>

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