A Stunning Selection of Quartz Sinks to Suit Every Taste

diamastone® is a quartz countertop manufacturer and leading provider of fine quartz products across Canada.

diamastone®‘s quartz sinks are beautifully crafted sinks that some in a complete variety of colors, textures and composition.

Quartz has become an increasingly popular alternative to laminate, granite and marble for its exceptional ability to resist scratches and cuts, dents, complete resistance to heat – you’ll find that scalding hot pots and pans can be laid onto a quartz surface without any hesitation. Quartz sinks are also incredibly durable.

By way of the fast that the color of quartz surfaces is uniform throughout the surface, quartz never loses its color.

We welcome you to call diamastone® today with any additional questions that you might have at 1-800-361-3194. We’re here to serve you.

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